What is Web hosting, and How to choose a web hosting company

In this article, we will discuss what is the meaning of web hosting, what are its types, and how to choose a web hosting company.

Because many new bloggers create their own website or blog, they do not know which hosting is right for their website.

Due to this, they buy the wrong web hosting, and when visitors to the website increase, then their sites get crashed or served down the error.

First of all, let’s discuss the definition of web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a type of web server, which provides space to the websites on the Internet. When you connect your website with hosting, then your website can be viewed through the Internet from any part of the world.

To buy web hosting, we need to pay money to web hosting providers, because the place it provides for our website is a kind of rental house. As long as we pay them, our website will be hosted on their servers. If we do not renew our hosting, then they will close our website.

How does Web Hosting Work?

To create your personal website, we have to upload all its files to a web hosting. Your website is connected to the hosting, whenever a user searches your website on an internet browser, they will be able to see it.

It doesn’t matter whether it is Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, or any other browser, after searching the domain name of your website, the Internet connects the domain of your website to that web server, where all the files of your website are uploaded.

Different Types of Web Hosting?

Let me tell you that there are mainly four types of web hosting, now we will discuss all of these hostings in detail.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

1. Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is similar to the way many people live together in a PG or house. Similarly, in shared hosting, hundreds of websites are stored on a single web server, hence it is called Shared Hosting.

It is best for beginner bloggers. Because in the initial days, there is not much traffic on the website of the new blogger, this hosting is good for them. 

Along with this, its second-biggest advantage is that it is cheaper than another hosting. When the traffic on your website starts increasing, then you can change the Shared Hosting and buy another hosting.

Shared hosting is cheap as well as it is very easy to set up. You will not face any problem in controlling your website with this hosting. Because the control panel (cPanel) of this hosting is very basic.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is completely different from shared hosting. In this, the hosting company cannot connect to any other website. It’s completely yours, and the security is very strong. 

Visualization technology is used inside it, which virtually breaks the server into different parts. Due to this strong security is provided to your website.

A separate resource is used for each server in VPS hosting, your website only gets the resources it needs. This improves both the speed and security of your website. 

But the price of this hosting is higher than shared hosting. If you are earning from your blog, then you can buy this hosting as it surely works better than shared hosting.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting As its name suggests, the same way this hosting also works, only one website is hosted in this hosting. It does not share any other person’s website.

Way many websites are hosted in Shared Hosting, but dedicated hosting is its complete opposite, where the whole hosting server runs only one website. 

The server of this hosting works very fast, but its price is also very high, as only one person has to pay the entire cost of the server.

This hosting is for those websites which get millions of traffic in a month. Usually, dedicated hosting is used for E-Commerce sites and large business sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung, Apple, etc.

4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting works with multiple remote servers. In which each server has its own responsiveness. If any server is slow, it connects the website to other servers.

If you host your website on a cloud server, then both the speed and performance of your website become very good. But it is expensive as compared to another hosting.

Cloud Hosting’s server is very secure, the server never goes down. You can also add a website with maximum traffic on this hosting, it will handle that much traffic easily.

How to Choose a Web Hosting?

Whenever you buy web hosting for your blog or website, then keep in mind some of the web hosting features given below. 

All these web hosting features vary according to the plan and the web hosting company.

Uptime is given by every web hosting provider company which is one of the important features. Uptime means that your website will be available to visitors 99.9% of the time.

All hosting companies claim guaranteed uptime, some hosting companies also provide 24 x 7 support.

It is very important to get complete information about customer support before buying web hosting. Because many times when there is a problem in our hosting, we need to fix it with the customer executive of the hosting company. 

Because they have a lot of rights, so they can solve your problem in a very short time, it’s very important for you to always see how good the customer support of that company is, before buying any hosting plan.

While buying web hosting, you should take special care of webspace/storage. Whatever data you upload on your website, is saved in the storage of all the hosting.

Whenever a visitor comes to your website and searches for something, he/she comes in front of the search result. When buying hosting, take special care of storage.

Always buy hosting with a little more storage than required.

You can also buy email hosting from the hosting company from which you buy hosting. 

It is very useful to create a custom email address for your company to stand out from others and create a professional presence on your website. 

Due to this, all your work becomes professional. In this, you also get many extra features.

Bandwidth refers to the time limit for the transfer of data between the visitors to the website. If you have chosen low bandwidth while buying hosting, then it may not handle more visitors to your website. 

Whenever more visitors come to your website, then the speed of your website may decrease. The same if you choose high bandwidth, then it can handle all the visitors to your website.

While buying web hosting, take special care of whether the hosting provider is giving you the option of backups or not. 

Because sometimes there is some problem with your website, and you may have to delete the entire website. If you have a backup facility, then you can restore your website again.

Top 5 Recommended Web Hosting Company

There are many web hosting companies on the internet where you can buy hosting by choosing a hosting plan according to your need and the traffic of your website.

These are my top recommendations as I have used these services in my blogging career so far.

Alright, I hope this article was somehow helpful for you, and if you like it then don’t forget to share it with your blogger friends who are looking for good web hosting.

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