How to Become A Lawyer – Eligibilty and Requirements

There is a dream in everyone’s life to become a big man by reading and writing and to illuminate some name in life, some people want to become an engineer in life, some want to become a doctor and people want to become a lower but do not understand how to become.

So today In this article, we will tell you how to become an advocate, successful, we will give you complete information on how to become an advocate, how to become a Government Advocate, what is LLB. What is LLB? How to study LLB, when can we study Lawyer, you will get information about all these things.

It is not a big deal to become a lawyer, it is necessary to have the best and capable advocate. Every year many people start the study of advocacy and only a few lawyers are able to do better advocacy than a lawyer i.e. advocate. Before knowing how to become it, you need to know that what is this LLB. It’s about LLB.

What is LLB? What is LLB

The full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus, which is a Latin language word, also called Bachelor of Laws, it is a bachelor’s degree which we can do after passing 12th class. If you want to know more about Indian Law i.e. law and want to make your career by serving to understand, then this is a good option.

He is in jail or he is in jail, then you can save him by fighting on his side, whom we also call lawyers, the lawyers of our country know everything about the law, so if we need information about any legal thing, then we can help someone.

If you call a lawyer, then after studying LLB, you become a lawyer, after that, if you want, you can also become a judge in the court.

There are two types of LLB courses: one is 5 years course and the other is 3 years course, if you want to study law directly after passing 12th, then for this you have to study 5 years in law college but If you choose 3 years course then you have to do graduation for this then only you can choose 3 year LLB course then if you want to become an advocate i.e. want to do LLB then you must have some qualification for this.

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Eligibility to Become an Advocate

To become an advocate or to study it, you must have some educational qualification, then only you can study law, let’s know what qualifications we should have to become a lawyer.

  • You must have 12th pass certificate if you want to study law after 12th which is for five years
  • Study law after 12th then you should have at least 50% marks in 12th.
  • If you want to practice for 3 years, then it is very important to be a graduate for love.
  • If you want to study law after college, for this you should have at least 50 marks in your graduation.

How to become an Advocate? 

Now you have learned that what is LLB course is, what is it to do and what educational qualification should we have to become a legal lawyer, let us now know how to become a lawyer. ? Complete step by step how to become a lawyer how to become an advocate.

 1. Complete Class XII

To study advocacy, first of all, you have to complete schooling till 12th, you can study any subject, whether it is arts, commerce or science, if you study arts then you will get more benefit because In this subject, you are also told about the law to some extent.

 2. Now give entrance exam for admission in law college

As soon as you pass the 12th examination and after that, you want to study law to become a lawyer, then you will have to give an entrance exam for this.

The CLAT (CLAT) exam is very popular in India at the All India level, whose full name is Common Law Admission Test (Common Law Admission Test).

After giving this exam, you can take admission to law college, which is a full 5-year course, there is a common test in this entrance exam for all the people, whatever law is there.

If you want to study, in this you are asked questions about English, Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, Mathematics, and General Awareness.

To appear in the CLAT entrance exam, you must have at least a 12th pass with 50% marks, apart from this, your age should not be more than 20 years, only then you can sit in this exam.

There are also colleges that make you study law separately, these colleges are Symbiosis Law School, National Law University, Delhi, and Jindal Global Law School, all these tests come under the Law School Admission Council, whose exams you can apply for law. One can become a Lawyer by studying

 3. Now do an internship after studying law

As we all know that after studying anything we have to do an internship for its knowledge, same way after completing your studies from law school you have to do an internship It is taught that how the hearing of the court is done, how two lawyers advocate for which side, so you need to do an internship.

 4. Now Enroll for State Bar Council

After doing an internship, now it is very important for you to enroll yourself in any state bar council, after enrolling in it, you have to clear the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) which is the bar.

It is conducted by the Council of India, only after clearing it, you get a certificate of practice, in this way your LLB course ie the study of becoming a lawyer will be completed, after this course you can continue your practice or your further course. You can do studies i.e. LLM i.e. Master in Law course.