How Much Fine to be Paid For Breaking Traffic Rules

If we know the traffic rules and follow them, then we can avoid the punishment and fine that we face legally. Let us know what is the punishment for breaking the traffic rules while driving.

There is a special rule to drive the vehicle systematically on the road. These rules have been made for the safety of the passers-by and to maintain order on the road.

We know them by the name of traffic rules. It is the responsibility of every passerby to follow these traffic rules. From time to time, campaigns are also run by the traffic police to make these rules effective.

Despite this, every day the vehicle drivers are driven by keeping the traffic rules in mind. Sometimes this happens even inadvertently because often people do not have complete knowledge about traffic rules. As a result, the driver not only puts his life as well as the lives of others at risk, but he also has to pay a fine.

If we know these rules and follow them, then we can avoid the punishment and fine that we face legally. Let us know what is the punishment for breaking the traffic rules while driving.

Know the purpose of the three colors seen in the traffic signal:

Red Light Signal

Red light has a special significance in the signal. The speed of red color is fastest compared to other colors. This color can be seen from a much longer distance than other colors.

In addition, the red color is used in the signal to stop, to tell you that you are in danger of passing through a certain place in the expected time.

Red color signifies blood and violence, due to which it is used to stop traffic.

Yellow Light Signal

Yellow color is considered to be the center of energy, according to the traffic rules, through this color the driver is directed that you should get ready by gathering your energy.

The yellow light on the traffic signal means that now you start the engine of your vehicle, as well as control the area around the vehicle including the accelerator, brake, clutch.

When the traffic light of this color is lit, you can slow down your vehicle so that, when the signal turns green, you can proceed immediately.

Green Light Signal

The green color is the exact opposite of danger. As red color is used to stop vehicles, similarly green color is used to move vehicles forward.

Green means that the road is safe and clear for you and you can proceed with control of your vehicle.

Such a fine can be deducted for breaking traffic rules-

  • 500 rupees fine for driving without a helmet
  • If you drive without registration – 2000
  • Driving without a seat belt – 100
  • If you don’t have PUC – 100
  • Using pressure horn Rs.100
  • Seating three rides on a two-wheeler – Rs 100
  • Drunk driving 2000
  • 500 rupees fine for driving without a license
  • 1000 penalty for driving without insurance
  • 400 fine for crossing the speed limit
  • Talking on mobile while driving – 1000 fine, license confiscated for first three months
  • Abuse of traffic inspector – 1000

Strict action on those who break traffic rules

According to the bill, along with those who break traffic rules, efforts are being made to make auto companies accountable.

Action will also be taken against the auto company if the wrong design or faulty manufacturing and defects are found.

A provision of a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh has been made for tampering with the design of the vehicle and destroying its identity.

There will be negative scoring

Negative scoring is also proposed along with fines for breaking traffic rules like crossing red lights at signals, not wearing seat belts.

There is also a proposal to cancel the license if the negative scoring is high.

These figures will surprise

On average, 120,000 people die in road accidents every year in India. Also, 12,70,000 people are seriously injured.

If we look at the statistics, the cause of death of a person who dies every six minutes in India is a road accident. According to experts, as the population is increasing, the number of people killed in road accidents is also increasing.

It is estimated that by the year 2020, this figure will double, i.e. every 3 minutes a person dies due to a road accident.

In India alone, 10% of the deaths are due to road accidents as compared to the whole world.

Keep these things in mind while driving

  • Never show haste by losing patience. Never cross the road by breaking the signal or running away after seeing the vehicle coming from the front.
  • If turning right, take the middle of the road safely, then take the right. After taking a turn, drive the car back to the left side of the road.
  • While taking a U-turn, give an indication and never take a U-turn from where U-turn is not allowed.
  • Never drive in reverse or opposite direction in one way.
  • If the indication and brake lights do not work, use hand signs until they are repaired.
  • While getting down, get down only when the bus has come to a complete stop, never get off the moving bus.
  • Do not walk while listening to songs by keeping the handset at high volume, because of this you will not be able to hear the sound of the car horn, etc.
  • If you want to take a turn from the left side, then drive on the left side even after taking the turn.
  • Do not cut-cross the lane, as if you have to turn left, do not take the risk of keeping the vehicle on the right and then turning left. Keep the car on the left from the start.
  • Avoid blowing the horn unnecessarily, as the sound of the horn can cause the person walking around to lose control, which can lead to a road accident.