Email Marketing: A Detailed Guide to Run Successful Campaigns

Email marketing is a very important part of online promotion, which is also commonly called direct marketing because in this you personally connect with the customer.

And this is the only marketing method that gets high conversation.

Although, I have seen that many new bloggers or people with business promotions do not pay much attention to email marketing and they do not have much knowledge about it.

But let me tell you that all the big bloggers or big business people who are promoting online, take email marketing very seriously and they get a lot of benefits from it. Their sales increase and the customers stay connected with them forever.

What is Email Marketing, why is it important, and also how is it set up? We are going to give you all this information in today’s article.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a very popular and strong channel of digital marketing. Which is used to promote the product or service of your business through email.

Email marketing can help your customers know about your new products, offers, or services. It can play an important role in your marketing strategy for lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, or engaging customers between purchases through different types of marketing emails.

I sincerely hope that now you must have known what Email Marketing is. Now let us also know a little about its benefits.

Benefits of Email Marketing

First of all, email marketing is very important because if you email any person, then he definitely sees it and also takes action on it.

If you have given a link to your website in that email, then that user will definitely click on it and reach your website.

Along with this, email marketing is also a very economical marketing method, it does not cost you much, except to buy an email list collecting tool.

It can help you build relationships with your audience, as well as drive traffic to your blog, social media, or anywhere else you want people to see.

Email marketing can give more revenue to your business than any other marketing platform because through email marketing you get directly connected with your target customer, so the chances of getting the product or service are very high.

It is very easy to set up and run and you can easily track your email marketing performance.

Now know how you can do email marketing?

How to Do Email Marketing Step By Step

Building Email List

The first step in running a campaign is having leads to receive your messages. 

It is in this lead capture phase that the planning and execution of an email marketing campaign begins.

Never buy a ready-made lead base. In addition to being against the law, it is very bad for your brand and greatly reduces your chances of success. 

Strategies to get more leads include: 

  • Landing pages with forms, providing materials such as ebooks, spreadsheets, demos, checklists, 
  • Pop-up on websites and e-commerces, 
  • Use of platforms such as Facebook Lead Ads, to capture leads on social networks, and more.

Still, in this step, it is important that you get the user opt-in.

Opt-in is the user’s authorization for your company’s communication by e-mail. It is achieved on lead capture platforms, such as landing pages. 

When sharing your email with a company, regardless of the reason for this, you must have already clicked on a box authorizing it to send promotional and institutional emails.

The opt-in, as well as the option to unsubscribe from all emails sent, is a mandatory element, provided for in the General Data Protection Law, LGPD

Not following the guidelines of the law can make your company pay fines and other punishments. 

Know the Persona of the Company

Knowing your company’s persona is the first step in any marketing strategy. 

Without understanding who you want to reach, it is impossible to think about the strategy that will be used, the content that will be produced, and where it will be shared. 

Even for capturing leads, it is important to keep in mind who your company’s persona is and what they are interested in, what their pains are, and more. 

To create a persona for your business, we recommend the video below and read the article, “How to create personas for your business”. 

Avoid Mass Email Shooting

Therefore, a mistake that teams should not make is to send out mass emails to communicate with all the leads on the base, of the same information. 

With rare exceptions, this type of communication will only result in high unsubscribe rates, and low open and click rates. 

The more personalized and segmented a communication, the more efficient your results. 

Email marketing is only effective when you offer value to your lead and you will only be able to do that if you consider customer segmentation, which we will talk about next.

Segment the Lead Base

Even with the buyer persona defined, each lead from your company:

  • you are at a stage of the buying journey, 
  • have a specific interest,
  • is seeking to heal a particular pain, desire, or need. 

A complete email marketing tool will allow you to segment your base according to this information. 

All this is done through the automation offered by these systems capable of understanding:

  • who is the lead 
  • where he came from, 
  • What kind of content were you looking for, 
  • the stage of the buyer’s journey are you in,
  • what is brand engagement and more? 

From this, and from the previous definition of an email flow, the tool will be able to segment your leads and send the materials most suited to the characteristics of the contact. 

Email marketing with a segmented list increases the open, click-through, and conversion rate and reduces the unsubscribe rate.

Produce relevant content for each stage of the customer journey

As we said above, each lead in your company can be at a stage of the buying journey and have different needs. 

What they have in common is the need to create relevant content for each step of this decision-making process. 

Relevant content is what meets the demands of leads at each stage, educates them, and moves them through the sales funnel.

To produce content that is in line with the company’s persona and the stages of the purchase journey, try to understand what their main doubts are. Make a list of them and produce content about them. 

Another way to identify this is by using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, two free platforms that will help you understand users’ search behavior about the market and the universe related to your company. 

Create automation and lead nurturing flow

Meeting the demands of your different leads, at different stages of the buying journey, can be an impossible mission if your company manages more than 10 leads

The truth is that manually managing a lead nurturing flow is tiring, repetitive (in some cases impossible) work and that it will hardly be done in the way that a tool can do.

This is because an email marketing automation tool offers other facilities such as:

  • automatic lead segmentation, 
  • lead score,
  • lead tracking. 

Not to mention that, even if your team were able to perform certain activities as a tool, it would take up precious time from a professional that could be better used if they were focused on planning actions and optimizing results. 

Creating a lead nurturing flow means, roughly speaking, organizing the order of emails that a lead will receive according to their behavior towards your company. 

Within the email marketing platform, your team defines once the flow that must be executed automatically each time a lead meets the defined criteria. 

For example, lead A who downloads material from landing page Y should receive email marketing 1. If the lead opens email marketing 1, two days later he should receive email marketing 2, if he doesn’t open email marketing 1, he should receive, two days later, email marketing 3, and so on.

Creating these nurturing flows will ensure more personalization in communicating with your customer while automating the task of nurturing each lead.

Attention to creating attractive email subjects

The email subject is the title that appears to the lead when they open the email box. This means that without an attractive subject, the lead will hardly even open the email sent by your company. 

Insert good calls to action

With the email open, it’s time to convince the reader to do what is being proposed in the material, be it buying a product, registering for an event, downloading an ebook, or anything else. 

In addition to ensuring attractive content and an offer you cannot refuse (offer does not always have to be about price), focus on building text-based copywriting rules to persuade your leaders to act. 

Along, be mindful of creating a good CTA, that is, a good call to action. The CTA is that call-to-action button you may have seen in the emails you receive, for example, “buy now”, “take advantage of free shipping” or “download now”. 

To understand more about what copywriting is and how to apply the techniques, watch the video below.

Build your email layout 

In addition to the CTA, the email needs other elements such as images and texts, an important tip is not to use text in image format. 

In addition, it is necessary to know how to organize the information so that it helps to drive the lead to read all the material and engage with the content. 

To efficiently assemble the email, it is important to understand its main elements, including:

  • email subject, 
  • presented content,
  • call to action, or CTA, 
  • farewell, 
  • signature, 
  • opt-out option. 

To make the material even more attractive you can:

  • include images and videos, but never create emails with text in image format, they may not be readable,
  • use emojis in the subject and body of the email, 
  • ask the lead questions, 
  • consider using GIFs,
  • use the lead’s name inside the email and in the subject.

Choose a complete email marketing tool

Above, we talked briefly about the tools of this tactic and how they are indispensable to trigger email marketing. 

So, be careful when choosing a complete tool that offers all the necessary functionality to do a good job with this marketing tactic. 

Still, in this article, we will talk more about email marketing tools. Keep reading!

Take a test shot

Before sending the email to the group of leads, it is interesting that you do a test, for example, sending the email to yourself. So you can check:

  • how was the layout,
  • the functioning of the CTA, 
  • if the links are working,  
  • how is the view on desktop and mobile?

From the test, it is possible to make the necessary corrections before firing. 

Alright, I hope you got an idea that what is email marketing and how you can start email marketing easily.