What is a Domain Name, Types, and Best Domain Registrars

Many people ask me what is a domain name and also which is the best domain name registrar available on the internet at a cheap and affordable price.

In the particular article, we will discuss the meaning of a domain name, different types of domain names, and a list of the best domain name registrars in the market.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name is such an identical string by which we can identify a website on the Internet. 

Talking about any website, all are connected to some IP address in the background. IP Address ( Internet Protocol Address ) This is a numerical address that tells the browser where that website is located on the Internet. 

We humans, remember only simple and easy things, in the same way, all websites also have a name, so now you can think that Domain Name is the easy name that we can remember instead of any IP address.

Types of Domain Names

There are three types of domain names,

  • Top-Level Domain (TLD)
  • Second Level Domain
  • Third Level Domain

Top-Level Domain

As the name suggests, TLD is the highest level of all domains. 

For e.g: A full domain name is www.lawyerandinsurance.com in this domain the section after the main domain name (i.e . COM) is a top-level domain name.

There are two types of TLDs:

Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)

These are all general domain names which we had discussed above, for e.g: .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .info, and etc.

Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)

These are country-specific domain names, which are used to target a specific country.

For example:

.in or .co.in (for India)

.us or .co.us (for USA)

.au or .co.au (for Australia)

.ca or .co.ca (for Canada)

Second Level Domain (SLD)

We have seen TLD at www.lawyerandinsurance.com, COM is TLD but the rest before the “.COM” (i.e lawyerandinsurance) is SLD second-level domain name.

Third Level Domain

As we saw TLD and SLD in www.lawyerandinsurance.com, now the rest part before the SLD “lawyerandinsurance” (i.e www) is a third-level domain.

These were the different types of domain names, now the main thing that comes to mind is how to choose a domain name.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name is a very important task if you are about to start a new website or blog, as this will be used whenever a user wants to visit your blog/website.

So, here I’m going to share some points that you must follow before choosing a domain name for your blog.

Keep It Simple

A good domain name is simple and easy to remember, so try to keep your domain name easy to remember and simple.

Another tip is to avoid numbers. That’s because they can generate confusion when communicating your address.

For e.g, your domain name is 3Idiots.com, While speaking about your domain, people might get confused between 3idiots.com and threeidiots.com. 

Keep It Short

Big words are harder to memorize, and I imagine you don’t want to miss out on visits, do you?

So, your domain should be short and easy enough to be on the lips of your customers. Some research shows that human memory memorizes short words more easily.

Try to Avoid Special Characters & Hyphens

Many characters are not even allowed when creating a domain. But still, some can be included, although it is recommended to avoid them. 

The reason is the same as the one mentioned above, that the dashes and numbers make the domain more difficult for the user to remember or may create confusion.

Choosing the Right Domain Extension

The .com remains the king of domain extensions for both SEO and is easy to remember as it is commonly used. 

There are several other extensions that can be used strategically to increase the power of the domain. 

Some areas already have specific extensions, such as education (.edu), blog (.blog), and government (.gov).

But still, .com remains the most common option. If you can get your .com domain for a cheap price then it’s great! If not, then consider using some other extension.

Final Checking Availability

The final step is to check the availability of the domain that you have decided on.

If it is available then go for it, if not then try our other variation but do keep the above-mentioned points in mind. 

So, these were some tips that you must follow to choose a good domain name, now another thing that comes into mind is which is the best domain name registrars available on the internet.

No to worry about it because below I had shared a list of the best domain name registrar with their purchase price, transfer price, and renewal price.

Best Domain Name Registrar

List of the top well known, cheap, and trustable domain name registrars:


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